Welcome to Wineful Thinking!  Over the past 6 years I have traveled all over the world as a meteorologist in the US Air Force.  It was during that time I developed a passion for wine. I spent a total of 10 years in the military and decided to go a different way, to forge a path into the wine industry.  I'm currently pursuing my education through American Military University and the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  I am also a wife to an amazing man, Brian, who is currently serving in the US Air Force.  

Have you ever walked into the grocery store looking for wine and felt overwhelmed?  Look no further, I hope to shed some light on budget wines by offering personal reviews, recommendations, and general wine knowledge.  I am also excited to share my experiences as a Military wife with you.  I grew up a Navy Brat, I'm an Air Force Veteran, and now an Air Force wife!  As I switch gears from active duty to housewife...let's just say it's been an adventure so far.  

My Personal Goals for this year:

Finish up my degree so I can get started on my Masters
Increase my weight lifting strength ( I workout so I can drink wine)
Get pregnant
Become a better writer through this blog
Work my way into the wine industry

My personal mantra is never settle for anything mediocre!  I am a woman of passion...whether it's my marriage or my job, I have to feel the fire!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you can learn a few tips and tricks from my posts!